Monday, February 23, 2009

"Bob you've had your cake. Now beat it!"

While Mugabe celebrated his birthday with a $300,000 (US dollars) party on Saturday, more farmers are being kicked off their farms. More white farmers.

An article from BBC said:
The CFU president blamed the invasions on a minority of figures close to Zanu-PF who were "using their offices to ensure ethnic cleansing can take place before the prime minister is able to stabilise the country."

As Mugabe ate his birthday cake on Saturday, opposition members who have been banished to South Africa, sat on the South African bank of the Limpopo and protested. Roy Bennett was among them.

"We are gathered here after many years of suffering, while across the river, after 28 years, a man who is now 84 years old, is having a birthday party," he said. "A birthday party while everybody around him is starving and dying. There's no electricity, there are no roads, there are no jobs, there's no education, there's no medical, there's no nothing," he added.

Photo Credit: BBC

With the so-called "ethnic cleansing" goes part of Zimbabwe's chance to recover from both economic hardships and famine. Some of their major exports used to be corn and tobacco. With the decrease in farmers, money coming into the economy has severely dropped. And of course, with less farms comes less food for the people to eat. The number of white farmers has dropped from around 4,000 to 400.

The Southern African Development Community (Sadu) Tribunal ruled in November in favor of the evicted landowners. The Tribunal said the Zimbabwean government's policy of redistributing seized property to landless black farmers was both illegal and discriminatory. Yet the government has said it will not comply with the ruling.

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